Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Invite the Gang over

Don’t you love it when the gang’s coming over?  Great food, free-flowing drinky-poos and a good feeling of having this gang in your life, right?  Totally, but I don’t want to drink after them or have anyone slurping on my drink – just keeping it real!  
 12-ct. The Gang II

This 12ct. The Gang II Party Pack should have a Diva Glass Slipper for most of the gang to slip onto their glass and know it the whole time!  Just add glasses and drinks!   Pick up a pack or two (one for you and  one to give, of course) today at  Packs come in a clear round plastic container.  Size 3 DGSlippers are shown as you see more details in the fabric with size 3.

Here's what you get:
Top row left to right:
Celebration cotton fabric features metallic accents on decadent cakes on splendid footed-cake plates among sprinkled with stars, confetti and swirls.  The 3D resin charm is a delicious looking pound cake drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with a strawberry or cherry (it’s small but red) on a sliver plate.  Although it looks good enough to eat – don’t!
Wanderlust- is always ready to captivate everyone with their latest explorations.  The mustard cotton fabric speaks to the traveler with suitcases, luggage tags, compasses, etc. strewn.  Can you guess the skyline represented by the 3D resin charm?  If you guessed, Manhattan, you’re right!
Viva La France! – love this 3D resin charm of France’s flag on serene blue cotton.
BCA- pink ribbons on purple cotton adorned with a 3D resin charm spelling hope (the ‘p’ is, cleverly, an actual pink ribbon)
Middle row left to right:
Fall is in the air with this gorgeous basket weave cotton print fabric and adorned with a 3D resin leaf.
Sock Monkey doing the splits (or jumping) on a vibrant tone on tone purple cotton fabric.  Oh, those adorable sock monkeys! (3D resin charm)
Wine Lovers – Tuscany print cotton shows various wine bottles, fleur de lis, chunks of cheese and bread, stripes of maroon and gold.  Very picturesque and reminiscent of Tuscany/Italy.  Adorned with a detailed metal bottle of wine and a glass charm.  Kinda sexy.
Dog Lovers – white bones on red cotton fabric, adorned with a cute 3D resin fluffy pup!
Bottom row left to right:
Tropical themed slipper – white and blue various sized hibiscus flowers on sea blue cotton fabric adorned with a flip flop embossed with a palm tree on a patch of beach!
Let the music play – musical symbols strewn on white cotton fabric and adorned with a bright colored (purple and gold) metal guitar.  Prince tribute, perhaps?
Poker Night – playing cards are strewn about on black cotton fabric and adorned with a 3D resin 3-sided dice.

Fashionista – there should be one in each gang!  This one loves leopard print in pink with brown spots and easily dons her matching brown leopard spotted stilettos!

Which one reminds you of someone you know?  When would you use these?