Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Did you know you can clean soiled Diva Glass Slippers?

It's true, you can clean a dirtied Diva Glass slipper by simply soaking it in a cool, soapy bath overnight.   Rinse well and dry by pressing excess water from it by placing between a folded towel.  Let air dry.  Warm iron lightly-if needed.   Works like a dream even with fuzzy boas -just shake when dry to re-fluff!                                                    I like ACURE's Fragrance Free Argan oil castile soap as a gentle and very effective cleaner.  The label lists a wide variety of uses beyond the proverbial daily body wash or bubble bath such as to brush your teeth, wash your hair, do your laundry, clean the tub, clean your dog, clean your floors, do your dishes, etc.  I've used it to machine wash my delicates, my hair and clean a stained DGS.  And was quite pleased with the results in every instance!  This soap lasts a good long time and only takes a small amount to get excellent results.  It's vegan and is made with organic coconut oil, sunflower and Argan oils, and is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free.  I order mine from
The DGS came out perfectly and I used the same slipper when I went to see Morgan James at The Dakota Jazz Club  - sorry I didn't take a picture of the original stain but will do so the next time I clean one.  But if you happen to have the experience, please share!  Please note, some embellishments do not wash well.

Valentine (satin) Diva Glass Slippers

Choose from a variety of satin fabrics

Glittered soft foam charms (A, BB & AA) and one metal (B)

No matter your fav drink - there's a piece of stemware for that

Most folks associate stemware with wine and while they are correct (except for those newfangled flat bottoms and mason jars),  there are many other drinks traditionally served in a piece of stemware. Think  margaritas, daiquiris, martinis, champagne, beer, water, tea, juice and mixed drinks.
I keep a large collection of stemware just so I am always able to serve drinks in a glass I can put a Diva Glass Slipper on!  So matter what your drink of choice is - you'll always know which glass is yours and your coaster will go with you automatically!
16 oz. plastic w/straw
Cool leopard martini glass

Juice or water glasses dressed and ready to get the Halloween party started!

Gorgeous colored glass glasses dressed for Holiday party.

Plastic champagne glasses for punch at a baby shower.
Plastic, two-piece wine glasses at drink station at store opening.

And since there are a wide variety of stemware base sizes, I've designed a Handy Size Chart -found on every product page - to use when ordering.  Simply download and print it (in black and white is fine).  

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day is Soon - Dazzle Her With Personalized Glass Slippers

I vividly remember Mother's Day being a big deal for us kids.  We wanted to treat mom as special as we could.  In grade school I couldn't wait to present her with my sticky art work or craft that only a mother could love-oozing glue and never drying tempera paint!  As I got older and could master cooking in the kitchen alone, I loved preparing breakfast for her but never for her in bed as she didn't like the idea of food where she slept!  After moving away to join the Air Force, I delighted in sending extra money, flowers delivered to her door, gorgeous LARGE store bought cards and the like.  I was happy to see all those cards when us kids went through her things after she passed away Mother's Day 2000.  I miss her to this day.  Rest in peace, mommy and thank you for showing me how to sew! I know you are proud of me.

So if mother were alive today, I think she would love a Diva Glass Slipper with her name on it. No doubt!   I think your mom and all the moms on your list- including yourself- would love one too.  No matter whether she's a wine connoisseur or an ice tea diva (like my Helen was), she'll love seeing her name, initials or special title of 'mom' (or whatever your term of endearment is for her) embroidered on a her very own Diva glass slipper in her favorite color(s).  

Choose from over 24 colors of satin and thread colors.  Add a bit of bling with a gorgeous Swarovski crystal to match the sparkle in her eye!

Don't forget a cute gift box!

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous moms and moms-to-be, and others!

Monday, February 8, 2016

New Year, New Bling!

I love receiving special requests for Diva Glass Slipper designs.  Fancies top the list as the most requested when the occasion warrants only the best!   I enjoy hearing how they have, time after time, added that extra special touch of elegance, charm and undeniable glamour to an event.   There are so many events and occasions they are ideal for.   Can you just imagine them at your engagement party or wedding shower?  Oh, how about a Red Carpet themed event or as Bridesmaid's gifts? 

Sequin flowers (left), Swarovski crystal in silvertone setting
(middle), gold sequin braid trim (right) 

All Fancies are satin glass slippers in a rainbow of colors and are embellished with glamorous trims like fuzzy boas, Swarovski crystals, beaded trims, rhinestones and more.  
Fuzzy Boas (available in 10 vibrant colors)

        Beaded Glass Slippers              
Each Fancies glass slipper is sold separately and comes with a sexy drawstring pouch to slip into your evening bag and take with you - Diva Style! 
At which events will you have them?

His & Her Valentine glass slippers

Love is in the air.  Commemorated often throughout the year - the anniversary of your meeting, your first kiss, first date and all those other 'firsts' in your romantic or 'special' relationship.  Add these adorable Valentine Day Diva glass slippers to the celebration!   The satin glass slippers accentuate the fun glitter hearts with their sentimental messages and the bronze colored metal 'key' with the velvet red bow IS the key to your heart!  Happy Valentine's Day.
Charms shown on Size 3 glass slippers.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Free Shipping all orders!

Enjoy Free Shipping on all orders for a limited time!  
'Tis the Season
No minimum purchase or code necessary.  U.S. addresses only.  New orders only.

Quick Gifts for under $20

 6ct Mix & Match Holiday 6-count Party Packs

Start marking off folks from your gift-giving list with any one of these beautiful 6-count Holiday themed Party Packs for under $20!  Each 6-count Pack is $17.50 or 2/$30.  Choose from 4 gorgeous cotton Holiday themed fabrics and a delightful assortment of charms.  Mix and match fabrics for a unique set.  Each pack comes in a clear plastic storage pillow box. Note: charms are chosen one randomly from each type, ie 1 Nutcracker, 2 Christmas Mice, 1 Angel and so on - see picture of mixed fabric 6-count pack.  Shop today to receive in time for the Holiday giving.

Friday, November 28, 2014

6-ct. Party Packs Buy 1, Get 1 @ 1/2 off!

 6-ct. Party Packs

For a limited time only - all 6-ct. Party Packs are Buy 1, Get 1@1/2 off!  No code needed.  
 Idea savings for gifts and decorations.  Order Early for best selection.