Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Did you know you can clean soiled Diva Glass Slippers?

It's true, you can clean a dirtied Diva Glass slipper by simply soaking it in a cool, soapy bath overnight.   Rinse well and dry by pressing excess water from it by placing between a folded towel.  Let air dry.  Warm iron lightly-if needed.   Works like a dream even with fuzzy boas -just shake when dry to re-fluff!                                                    I like ACURE's Fragrance Free Argan oil castile soap as a gentle and very effective cleaner.  The label lists a wide variety of uses beyond the proverbial daily body wash or bubble bath such as to brush your teeth, wash your hair, do your laundry, clean the tub, clean your dog, clean your floors, do your dishes, etc.  I've used it to machine wash my delicates, my hair and clean a stained DGS.  And was quite pleased with the results in every instance!  This soap lasts a good long time and only takes a small amount to get excellent results.  It's vegan and is made with organic coconut oil, sunflower and Argan oils, and is paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free.  I order mine from
The DGS came out perfectly and I used the same slipper when I went to see Morgan James at The Dakota Jazz Club  - sorry I didn't take a picture of the original stain but will do so the next time I clean one.  But if you happen to have the experience, please share!  Please note, some embellishments do not wash well.

Valentine (satin) Diva Glass Slippers

Choose from a variety of satin fabrics

Glittered soft foam charms (A, BB & AA) and one metal (B)

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