Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No matter your fav drink - there's a piece of stemware for that

Most folks associate stemware with wine and while they are correct (except for those newfangled flat bottoms and mason jars),  there are many other drinks traditionally served in a piece of stemware. Think  margaritas, daiquiris, martinis, champagne, beer, water, tea, juice and mixed drinks.
I keep a large collection of stemware just so I am always able to serve drinks in a glass I can put a Diva Glass Slipper on!  So matter what your drink of choice is - you'll always know which glass is yours and your coaster will go with you automatically!
16 oz. plastic w/straw
Cool leopard martini glass

Juice or water glasses dressed and ready to get the Halloween party started!

Gorgeous colored glass glasses dressed for Holiday party.

Plastic champagne glasses for punch at a baby shower.
Plastic, two-piece wine glasses at drink station at store opening.

And since there are a wide variety of stemware base sizes, I've designed a Handy Size Chart -found on every product page - to use when ordering.  Simply download and print it (in black and white is fine).  

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